Great news to all movie lovers from all parts of the world. If you have a smartphone then your movie viewing accessibility is more exposed to you in its easiest manner. In a competitive and challenging world, we live in, it is nothing unusual to state that there are plenty of similar apps in just one same category. Talking about movie streaming apps, you would be able to see a wide range of apps coming onto your screen which you leave you all baffled in trying to figure out which is the best app to be installed on your smart mobile phone, tab or iPad. Every app would try to give one of its best features to its customers to sustain a growth for its app. But leaving all odds apart, there is a list of good quality movie apps which is worthwhile installing.


It is a popular app which has been successful enough to attract viewers from all over the world. This app broadcast movie from all languages. Popular television programs and talk shows are too very well popularized through the mode of this app which keeps many fans of Netflix loyal enough.


The MovieBox is an app specially created for IOS customers. It is a great app for users of movie freaks to be a part of. The app notifies you of latest updates in the show biz and new hot information about the stars as well. So you got your very own Ebuzz on your phone.

Cinema Box HD

The newest Cinema box HD version gives users a brand new jaw-dropping experience enabling its viewers to stream movies in a whole new level of HD quality on their very own smartphone, iPad or tabs. The cinema box too provides latest updates about new blockbuster movies and also provides a range of movies from different languages too. So if you are interested in viewing a French movie. It would not be a big issue in getting to view it on your phone if you have this app installed.


Showbox has successfully become one of the most talked about movie streaming apps in the present. The movies available in Showbox are all probably free of charge which is the best thrill of it. Although it cannot be installed on good play, the app could be easily downloaded from its official website. The best part of this app is that users are able to download movies and view it offline whenever they are free. Some users may have a desire to view their movies on a PC instead of their mobile phones. This too is possible through installing Showbox for PC.


This is an app of one of a kind which has been lucky enough to get the highest number of ratings when compared with other movies streaming apps. TubiTV is indeed a new app to the market which provides movies for free. TubiTV also consist of 40,000 different titles to chose from which you probably keep you glued to this app all day.

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