Cloud companies are changing the scenario

The whole dimension of connectivity is changed with the advent of cloud computing technologies. While the world is busy attaining speed and connectivity, cloud computing is providing accuracy and efficiency to the world. Everyone is focused on getting the facilities of cloud computing services. The better the performance of the company providing the service more is the reputation of the company. Everybody is relying on the technology of cloud computing because it is providing realistic solutions at a cheaper price.

Top 10 cloud computing companies

Before choosing a company, one has to know about the companies that provide best facilities. For that, a minimum background research must be done on each company, and results must be analyzed. One should know about the best companies which provide the best cloud computing facilities. To get the appropriate facility, one has to choose the best company, which is both cost-effective and with maximum results. Here is the list of top 10 cloud companies:

  • Amazon web service: it is one of the best among so many companies when it comes to choosing best companies. Over the years, it has outranked many other companies in the field of services and innovations. If you are looking for the most experienced and trustworthy company, then you can surely go for this company.
  • Verizon (cloudswitch and teremark): cloud switch and teremark are the companies which pose a threat to Amazon in the field of performance. It is no less than Amazon. It can outrank amazon at any moment by its facilities. This is no less a good option, so it’s best to decide on performance and cost-effectiveness.
  • IBM (smart cloud): this company was introduced in the year 2011. Very quickly it has made into the list of top ten best cloud computing companies. It has excellent facilities in providing best service. Best IT giants often opt for this company, owing to the reliability and performance. This company no doubt is an excellent choice for those who wish to set up a profitable business.

  • Salesforce: it has acquired a strong platform. This company is the reminder to the rest of the companies in the field of performance. It provides excellent facilities as well.

  • CSC (Computer Sciences Corporation): CSC provides very good facilities for the IT firms that enable customers to integrate their legacy. It provides very good infrastructure for the IT system.

  • Rackspace: Rackspace has possessed a place among the big companies such as Amazon. It ranks 2nd to Amazon in the aspect of performance. Hence, one can comprehend that this organization poses a threat to the position of Amazon, and hence is competitive to gain customer attention. They may outdo other companies.

  • Google: the omnipotent and the king of search engines had spent first six months of the year 2011 to provide the best facility in cloud computing technology. No doubt it is one of the best companies. Trust in this company if you wish to have the most reliable and effective solutions, thus completely eliminating worry and threat. They will simply take up all headaches on your behalf, and you can work peacefully, without the worry of data upload or download.

  • Bluelock (VMware Specialist): one of the biggest competitors of the cloud computing companies is Bluelock Company. It is showing excellent outcome in the field of services and facilities.

  • Microsoft cloud: the leading company Microsoft is providing the maximum facilities of cloud computing. It is reaching its services through mobile phones, web-based technologies.

  • Joyent: Joyent has made itself a one-off among the other companies. It has teamed with dell and is providing best facilities in the field of cloud computing.
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All companies have surrendered data handling to these companies. The reason is that cloud computing gives the best facilities for the success of the business. Business firms are highly demanding the service of cloud computing. It is the revolutionary technology which promises tremendous business growth by connecting with various organizations, simply by the union of multiple servers. To get the good facilities of cloud computing, a business firm has to approach good cloud computing companies and leave the rest to them. The cloud computing companies are high in demand because it gives the facility to the users of paying less and getting the maximum result.