McAfee Download-Latest Version and It’s Features

McAfee Download-Latest Version and It’s Features

MacAfee is one of the greatest and most trusted antivirus software worldwide. The best thing about MacAfee is its proactive performance and the advanced features that protect your system from any kind of latest malicious threats. Known or undiscovered, McAfee has the ability to protect your computer from all malware or spyware threats. The advanced features of this anti-virus software scan the links that you are searching on the internet and thereby, protects your system. Home users, service providers, and businesses trust this security provider and have faith in its features that work efficiently to block virus attacks and to prevent any kind of service destruction. However, when you try to do the process of McAfee Download and MCafee Key Activate, you may encounter some common issues. You can solve them in no time by applying the methods given in this post.

If you want to learn about the McAfee free trial 6 months, first check out the latest features of McAfee Plus, the new version of McAfee antivirus.

McAfee Download- Key Features

McAfee has come up with an all-new McAfee Plus. The Plus version of McAfee has some advanced new features that ensure the end-to-end security protection of your system. Let’s have a look at what McAfee has to offer to your computer.

Download McAfee total protection And get the advanced features:

Virus and threat protection: The advanced features of this smart anti-virus can block viruses, malware, spyware, ransomware, and unwanted programs on your PC.

Safe browsing: This anti-virus prevents you from browsing risky websites and from downloading dangerous contents.

Free customer support: If you face any issue with antivirus software McAfee Download, you can get help from their customer support providers.

File lock: It comes with a password protection and encryption that helps you keep your personal data safe on your computer by locking them with a password.

Protects multiple devices: Download McAfee antivirus and just one subscription can protect all your devices, including PC, Macs, tablets, and mobile phones.

Security management console: With this feature, you can manage your security protection for all your devices. You can manage your protection from an easy-to-use webpage.

McAfee Internet Security Download

At times during your McAfee antivirus free download full version with crack 2017 process, you may encounter some common problems. Furthermore, have a look at the error messages you might be facing:

“Unable to Continue Installation. We are having trouble installing your McAfee software because of this. Error 0”

You may also encounter,

“Something went wrong with the installation

We are having trouble installing your McAfee software. Contact McAfee Support and mention problem code 0.”

Do not panic if you see any of the above messages, because, I have the solutions! McAfee total protection is also available for android phones you can download McAfee from Play Store apk file from Play Store.

McAfee Download Free- Solutions For Installation Problems

If you encounter the previously stated McAfee problem during download, you can perform these steps to fix the issue:

Step one: Download McAfee again

  1. Download the McAfee Windows security product installation package from a different browser or from a different link.
  2. Try to install McAfee again with the newly installed package.

Run the Pre-Install tool

Click DONE when you see the installation error. After that, perform these steps:

  1. Download Pre-Install Tool.
  2. Double-click on to the Pre-Install_Tool.exe file.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Click OK.
  5. Select Close.
  6. Restart your Device.
  7. Try to re-install your McAfee.

McAfee Antivirus login

Hope this information is enough to fix your McAfee Download error. Moreover, If you are still facing the same issue, drop a comment below and let me know.

How to Fix Quicken an Unknown Error Occurred

How to Fix Quicken an Unknown Error Occurred

I know how irritating it becomes when you encounter an “Unknown Error Occurred”. I have been there too and figured out the best possible solutions. That is why I’m here with the solutions of “Quicken Oops”, or “Unknown error” or “Check Internet Connection” error. This error is also known as unable to sign in error.

A quicken is a software where you can manage your personal financial data and items. Quicken is available for Windows, Macintosh, DOS, and Apple II operating systems. Sometimes you can find an  “An unknown error has occurred, please try to connect later.” -message while using Quicken. But there is nothing to worry about. This is a minor issue from the server. If you wait for 24-48 hours, this issue will be gone automatically.   But if you see that even after waiting for 24-48 hours, the issue persists, then you should follow the instruction given below.

3 Quick Steps to Fix Quicken Unknown Error Occurred Quickly

Follow the given instruction to resolve Quicken Unknown error.


STEP ONE: Make sure if your Quicken is up-to-date

  • Firstly, go to Help and click About Us.
  • Check out the new updates of Quicken. If you are using an old version, download the latest one.
  • After downloading the new version, click on the exe file.
  • Click Run and install the software in your system.
  • Click yes and then update
  • After the update, click on Start Quicken


STEP TWO: You can fix this error simply by uninstall and reinstall Quicken. If you are using

Quicken for Windows 10 and Quicken for Windows 8 check out the instructions below.

  • Press Windows key + R from your system keyboard
  • Type control panel in the run box
  • Click programs
  • Then click programs and features
  • Look for Quicken on the program list, when you see it, click on it
  • Find the uninstall from the menu bar at the top
  • Click yes

If you are using Quicken support for Windows 7, follow these steps

  • Click on the start icon from your menu
  • When you find search program and files, type run and then press enter
  • Or you can also follow the steps given in Windows 10, and Windows 8 section.

Reinstall Quicken for Windows

After uninstalling the Quicken, you can reinstall it again to prevent Quicken unable to sign in error. To reinstall the Quicken on your Windows, follow the simple steps given below.

  • Go to the official website:
  • To Sign in click on to my account
  • Type your Quicken ID and password correctly
  • Click on sign in button
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to sign into your customer portal
  • After sign into your my account, go to plan details
  • Click on to download for windows
  • The installation process will now begin
  • Once the install Wizard launched, click on the let’s go button
  • Click on install now
  • Click on done and the Quicken Software will be now launched
  • Type your Quicken ID and password
  • You have to complete the 6-digit verification process
  • After completing the verification, follow the on-screen instructions.

Reasons for Quicken Oops Unknown Error

Let’s have a look at why this error can occur

  • Because of slow internet connection
  • Maybe you are using an old version of Quicken
  • Or maybe you have not installed it properly.

Whatever the cause is, I know your Quicken is running smoothly now after following the quick resolution steps. If the problem still persists, let me know via the comment section below.